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AMA News

Americana Music academy makes pitch for building
Thom Alexander believes the Carnegie Library building has been vacant long enough.

Alexander, executive director of the Lawrence-based Americana Music Academy, said he’s organizing
an effort to get city commissioners to reconsider...
June, 3, 2005

Americana Academy Launches Unique Mandolin Program
D'Addario, the Plucked String Foundation and the Mandolin Cafe have combined
efforts with the Americana Music Academy in Lawrence, Kansas to make some...
April, 24, 2004

Americana Music Academy to Benefit From Mandolin Donations
Tennessee, liked what he saw in the Americana Music Academy and has pledged
his company's support for the Academy's Fall Fund-Raiser with the donation...

Jul 30, 2004

Americana Music Academy brings a sense of harmony to Lawrence

Lawrence residents have become accustomed to the sounds of music emanating from the 700 block of New Hampshire Street. Usually they hail from the nightly bands at The Bottleneck, and until recently, from the booming sound system of Tremors.

September 27, 2002

Music academy seeks to preserve region's roots

If you happen to have an old cassette tape of your grandfather plucking his banjo as only he could pluck, the folks who run the Americana Music Academy would like to make a copy of it for a new archive.

March 2, 2003

New music academy seeks to fill void in community

Thom Alexander says a new era is about to begin in the Lawrence music scene.

December 22, 2001

Local Music News

Pickin' on Lawrence
A rich history of bluegrass music abounds in lawrence. “Never let the truth spoil a good story,” preaches Steve Mason, Lawrence resident and all around bluegrass renaissance man “And don’t quit your day job — that’s another one.”

May 12, 2005