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Americana is E X P A N D I N G!

Mar 2, 2007

By Thom Alexander

As many of you have already heard, The Americana Music Academy is about to step forward into some new territory. Within the last six months we have been afforded an opportunity to open two new campuses, one in Paola (40 miles southeast of Lawrence) and one in Topeka.

Our reasons for doing this are many, but most of all it has become clear to us that there are folks who would love to be able to participate in the classes and programs Americana has to offer, but do not have the time or the transportation to get to Lawrence. We at AMA see an opening for more events and gatherings by moving to these new locations, and in return, the folks who will be joining us will be able to be more involved with the academy.

There are some serious fun things on the horizon because of this expansion. Paola Community Center is where we will be holding classes. The building is a beautiful place with a 320-seat auditorium, more classrooms than we will ever need and a staff of people who work for the City of Paola who will help in any way that they can. We anticipate some events in Paola that we have not been able to provide in Lawrence up to this point.

Topeka is already home to several of our current teachers so we are excited to soon be offering classes there. We are currently in search of class room space and hope to have classes up and going within the next month or two.

The options available to us for larger workshops and small to mid-sized performances is going to be a reality in the next few months. All of us teachers, students, and friends alike, are very excited about the prospects. We will be bringing you, our community and musical family more services and a wider range of programs from now on.

Keep an eye on the website and the catalogs. The future is looking very bright. Thank you again for all your support.





Paola Community Center

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