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Folkjam is a community site dedicated to making jam sessions easy to publish and even easier to find.

The site was founded by two friends, Scott and Shawn. Scott had been maintaining a list of jams in the Kansas City area on his personal website. The list grew and started to include jam sessions in cities where Scott would travel on business (and bring his fiddle). As the list grew it also became disorganized. The list also started to attract a little bit of attention (not much by commercial standards, but a hit or two from search engines every day was typical). At jam sessions and folk/bluegrass events around town both Shawn and Scott found themselves writing down the URL of Scott's list. Shawn eventually convinced Scott to move the list off his personal site and to put the time into building a site dedicated to tracking jam sessions. Scott argued against this, pointing out that anybody looking to play bluegrass or Irish fiddle would also appreciate seeing pictures of his daughter placed alongside the jam session listing. Scott eventually agreed that perhaps he was wrong on this last point, and was started.

For their day jobs both Shawn and Scott are software developers and built on weekends and evenings through the spring and summer of 2006 instead of practicing or learning new songs. In a fashion that was reminiscent of the dot com era, the site was officially launched at Winfield 2006 with a huge party where most of the people actually had no idea they were celebrating the launch of a web site. Enjoy the site, and please post your jams so that Scott and Shawn can join you.

Welcome to the folkjam community.

Scott and Shawn



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