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The Faris Family Bluegrass Ensemble
Back by popular demand, Bob Faris and his family are bringing back our original bluegrass ensemble class for all instruments. This eight-week course covers a little bit of history and a whole lot of playing. You'll come away from this call with a good working knowledge of classic bluegrass. As long as you've had a little experience, you'll get a lot from this class. Bob and the boys are a virtual fountain of bluegrass knowledge, and they want to impart some of it to you.

Class Schedule: Tuesdays 6:30-8:00pm (The Faris Family, Instrutors)

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History of American Blues Parts I and II
This is the kind of class you wish you had in school. This course requires no homework; no tests are taken, no tasks given. You sit back while we entertain, inform and take you through a narrative history of The Blues from the early days in the Mississippi Delta (and even before) through the modern masters of Chicago, Texas, the piedmont of the Carolina's as well as the West Coast. We'll even cover some of the great talents of Britain that came out in the 60's! Movies, recordings and live demonstrations will supplement our presentation. Questions and input from all participants are warmly encouraged. Come on y'all, let's learn about the Blues!

$50 Per eight-week session (Members save $5) or $10 per class.
Session I: Part I from August 25 through September 15 | Part II from September 22 through October 13
Session II: Part I from October 20 through November 10 | Part II from November 17 through December 8
Class Schedule (For all Sessions and Parts): Mondays 7:30-9:00 pm (Michael Paull, Instructor)

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