Courses :

Americana Music Academy offers three different methods of learning, providing you with a comfortable learning atmosphere no matter your preference. We will have three four-week sessions over the Summer months, going from May 25 until August 14. Be sure to register quickly to ensure a slot in one of our classes!

Groups Courses
At the Americana Music Academy, students learn in a relaxed group atmosphere. All classes meet once a week with about 5-10 students. If you are a beginning student, group courses offer the freedom to try a new instrument in a low-pressure environment. If you are an intermediate or advanced student, group courses provide the opportunity of playing with and learning from your fellow students, which we believe is so important to growing as a musician. As you become better on your instrument, you can continue in progressive levels of courses, join an ensemble class, try a new instrument, or seek private instruction. If we don't have a course for you to take next, suggest one - many of our courses have come from students' ideas.

$65 for four-week sessions. Members save $5.

Private Lessons
Private lessons at the Americana Music Academy are a great opportunity to get the personal attention that is so beneficial to musical growth. Lessons are 30 minutes in length. Our teachers will work with you to develop a program that helps you in achieving your musical goals. Whether you are a complete beginner or an experienced musician looking to take your playing to the next level, private lessons offer you the unique experience of working individually with our exceptional faculty so that all of your needs are directly addressed. Whatever your style or ability, chances are you'll find a teacher who is a perfect match.

$75 monthly. Members save $5.

Workshops are a great way to get a taste of music in just a day or two. Try something for the first time or add to your talents.

Prices and times vary per class.