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Homegrown Music on the Cardboard Mountain Dulcimer
Saturday & Sunday Feb 22 & 23
1:00PM - 5:00PM

Spend a fun weekend personalizing, assembling, and learning how to play a cardboard mountain dulcimer. This two-afternoon weekend workshop is for children (4th grade and up) who would liek to get into playing a stringed instrument. The cardboard mountain dulcimer provides younger children with a means for musical expression adn an introduction to guitar and mandolin with minimal cost. In addition, children are encouraged to express their creativity in the painting and decoration of the instrument sound boxes using acrylic paints prior to actual instrument assembly. Although not required, a parent or grandparent is encouraged to participate along with the child in the assembly process on Saturday. Sunday afternoon will be devoted to instruction using simple tunes and each participant will be provided with a learning guide containing simple songs, back-up chord fingerings, and other useful information.

Taught by Allen MacFarlane
Registration: $70 (covers all course materials and instruction)
Please register by February 1, so we can be sure to have enough materials!

Comments regarding the workshop:
We purchased a cardboard dulcimers (wood fretboard, cardboard body) for our children, and we were amazed by the quality of the sound from the simple, inexpensive instruments.

Jam Sessions

The Academy sponsors various jam sessions. There is no cost for participating. Ostensibly, this is to provide our musicians more venues for playing with others. The real reason is it's fun. Come join us for a session (or two, or more!)