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The Midday Ramblers
Making Bluegrass fun!

The Midday Ramblers are:
Mike Horan: guitar, vocals
Leo Posch: banjo
Paul Schmidt: doghouse bass, vocals
Kory Willis: mandolin, vocals

If you’re in the mood for some good original bluegrass played in a traditional way, then Lawrence’s Midday Ramblers are just what the bluegrass doctor prescribes. A four-piece bluegrass act that offers an accomplished blend of originals, traditional songs and instrumentals.

One of Lawrence’s top-notch bluegrass bands, the group got its start in the late ‘90s on KAW FM. Lawrence’s short-lived pirate radio station, where the band hosted a noon time show called “The Midday Ramble.” The program’s popularity led to gigs, and the act stayed together after the station was forced to shut down.

This sharp dressed group is mostly about carrying on tradition and having a good time doing it, and they’ve been doing it for the past 10 years. That sense of tradition is reflected as the quartet has honed its sound during shows, where all four stand around one microphone, just like the good ol’ days. When a member takes a lead, he simply moves closer to the mic. The Ramblers keep things pure and fun.

The Midday Ramblers offer a first-class bluegrass experience, and look good doing it.

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