30 July 2023

Why does it seem like music was better before the internet?

Oh boy, aren't we all guilty of reminiscing about the 'golden era' of music? Well, here's a theory: it seems like music was better before the internet because our brains are sneaky little nostalgists! They trick us into savoring those vinyl hits we used to dance around to, while forgetting all the duds. Plus, before the internet, music was a rare treasure, not an instant click away, making it feel a whole lot more special. And let's not forget, our teenage years - when most of us were pre-internet - are when music imprints on us the strongest, so it's no wonder we're all stuck in a musical time warp!

28 July 2023

How can you write an easy plot for a musical?

Alright fellow music and writing enthusiasts, get ready to don your composer's hat and playwright's quill - we're diving into the harmonious world of musical plots! It’s simpler than you might think - like baking a cake, but with more singing. First off, start with a relatable, engaging premise. Just think: what would make you spontaneously burst into song? Once you've got that, develop a three-act structure - the 'Once upon a time', 'Oh no, disaster strikes!' and 'Happily ever after' of your musical masterpiece. And remember, keep it catchy and filled with emotions - after all, we're here for the drama, darling! Just like that, you're a few catchy tunes away from your first musical!

22 July 2023

Are music festivals in the UK fun to attend?

From my own experience, I can confidently say that UK music festivals are an absolute blast to attend. The variety of music, from rock to pop to electronic, caters to everyone and creates an electrifying atmosphere. There's also the chance to see some of the world's biggest music stars perform live. Not to mention, the camaraderie among festival-goers is incredible; you meet so many interesting people and make wonderful memories. So, yes, UK music festivals are not just fun, they're an experience like no other!

19 July 2023

Why are Broadway musical songs so similar (in general)?

Broadway musical songs often sound quite similar and there are a few reasons for this. First, they typically follow a traditional structure to ensure they're catchy and memorable. Additionally, many of the songs are written by the same composers, leading to a certain style continuity. The use of orchestra also contributes to this similarity, as it's a common feature in Broadway productions. Lastly, these songs are designed to help tell a story and evoke emotions, so they often share thematic elements.