Payment and Refund Policy :

Payment for lessons is due on the first scheduled lesson day of each month. Extenuating circumstances to the contrary will be considered but not necessarily approved.

As a student of the Americana Music Academy, you are reserving your instructor's time -- that time is bought and paid for in advance. Arrangements for make-up lessons can be made, but are at the sole discretion and availability of your instructor. You must contact your instructor 24 hours prior to your scheduled lesson for any consideration to be made. If you do not attend your scheduled lesson and do not notify your instructor within 24 hours prior to the lesson, that time is forfeited. Under these guidelines, every effort will be made to work around unforeseen schedule conflicts.

If you wish to cancel one or more of your classes, you will have a limited amount of time that you may receive a refund or credit:

º If you cancel during the first week of classes, you will receive full refund or credit.

º If you cancel during the second week of classes, you will receive partial credit on your student account. This is not a refund.

º AFTER THE SECOND WEEK of classes, no credits will be given.