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Our mission is to teach, promote and support the advancement of all forms of American music and its influences,
and to pass on the grand traditions of American-based roots music to future generations.

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Director’s Message

Hello everyone,

We want to say hello to all the people who have joined us this year as members, students and volunteers. We want to say welcome to all of you who are just discovering Kansas’ only American Roots Music School. Please feel free to join us in our adventure. Here are some things to look forward to this fall.

We have a benefit concert on Nov. 10th. Details will be forthcoming. Sometime before Christmas, the new Kevin Willmott film, Bunker Hill, should be released. A few of our teachers had a small role in the film as a band during a picnic scene. Come out and see the film and cheer us on when we come on the big screen.

Of course there is our annual Holiday show at Liberty Hall on Sunday December 9th. This year, for the first time we will be performing an additional show at the Paola Community Center the evening before, on Dec. 8th.

And Speaking of Paola, the folks @ PCC, Chad Myers and company are really making an impact in their community. Americana has classes down there, but there are so many other events and opportunities that we have included a Paola page in this catalog. You can find it inside.

On January 1, 2008 we will begin our 7th year. We have grown and expanded; we have gained some new friends, and we have lost a few old ones. But, we are moving forward and with your support we are moving into the future with better programs, more community events and hopefully a larger facility in the next two years or so.

Well that’s all for now. Look through the website and find a class you like and join up. Keep us in mind when it comes to donations; remember we are a non-profit organization. That means your dollars are tax deductible.

Thanks for all your current support, we’ll see you again after January 1.

See you next time,
In music

Executive Director


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