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Swingin' Blues in Lawrence, KS

By Andrew Truelson

While their name might seem to refer to a certain segment of the political spectrum, it turns out this group’s members aren’t necessarily communists.
The simple truth is that two of the band’s members are red-headed and left-handed, the odds of which have yet to be calculated.

What isn’t simple is trying to peg the band’s sound. Influenced mostly by older blues, swing and New Orleans jazz, they’ve also been known to throw in some western swing, ragtime and even a bit o’ klezmer. Their set list ranges from dirty blues-harp boogies to swingin’ horn pieces to western swing guitar solos, all done with RedLefty’s unique twist.

Going to see RedLefty will take the listener back to a bygone era, one in which band members actually dress up to take the stage and songs are not so much a rigid construction of written notes as they are a loose arrangement of parts vamped until everyone on stage has fully expressed themselves. RedLefty will give you the full experience of old-school swing or blues in a way that is simply hard to find these days. A night spent at a RedLefty show is a night of suits, dancing, and, of course, hard swingin’ blues.

Catch their happy hour shows on the 1st and 3rd Friday of the month at the Jackpot, 6:30-8:30pm.

Jeff Williams: Guitar (lead)
Dan Rempel: Guitar, Vocals
Chris Millspaugh: Harmonica, Cornet/Trumpet
Nate Craft: Trombone, Vocals
Sean McCue: Doghouse Bass
Tennyson LeMaster: Drums

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